Long car journeys with children can incite great fear and dread; keeping children entertained for a long period of time whilst cooped up in a car is a great challenge.
Still, don’t lose hope just yet there are plenty of handy gadgets you can introduce to your family car journey that will alleviate some of the stress (and the screaming).
See our ultimate list of in-car gadgets for your little ones below.
Seatback Organizer
Do your kids have tons of crayons, books and toys spilling out all over the car? Keep their possessions neat and tidy by purchasing a seatback organizer for your car. They hang over the back of the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat, and allow you organize your bits and bobs. It means you won’t have to scramble around the car floor looking for that missing piece of Lego!
Sat Nav Steering Wheel
If your little one loves to imitate your driving skills (and is perhaps getting a bit bossy with directions) grant them with their own sat nav steering wheel. This nifty high-tech toy will give your child instructions, such as turn left’ and turn right’ and give praise when they get it right. Plus, this will kickstart your child’s understanding of driving, hopefully turning them into a more thoughtful driver in the future.
iPad holder
An iPad holder, or an iPad mount, means you can hang an iPod over the back of the driver’s seat or the passenger’s seat so that it sits eye-level with your child, meaning they can watch their favorite films and TV shows while you drive. This provides hours of entertainment but be sure to gift them with wireless headphones if you want hours to quiet, too!
Travel games
Playing games is a great way to pass the time and keep kids entertained. While board games with lots of parts aren’t easily transportable or practical in a moving car, card games, on the other hand, are a great option.
If you have two children in the back and the middle seat folds down, they’ve got themselves a card table where they can practice their card skills and tricks with each other. And don’t forget about Top Trumps!
In-car 4G hotspot
Travelling with teenagers may be hard work, but usually they stay glued to their smart phones and can keep themselves occupied for hours on end. That is until they lose connection because you’re driving through the middle of nowhere…
Make sure this doesn’t happen by getting an in-car 4G hotspot. This will mean your teens will be able to contact their friends, and you will get some peace and quiet.
Double Din Radio
Another addition to your car that your children may appreciate is a double DIN radio (or 2Din radio). Whereas some cars only have a single DIN, offering the standard Bluetooth, DAB and aux combo, a double DIN is generally twice as big and offers amazing features: touchscreen, App radio, screen mirroring and iPhone/iPod control.
This allows great usability and interactivity, and a double DIN will allow you kids to play their own music, meaning they will stay occupied for longer.
Check out the top 2DIN radios to find the best new radio unit for your ride.
Handheld Vacuum
A nifty gadget that shouldn’t be forgotten about when it comes to family car journeys is a handheld vacuum cleaner. Vacuum any crumbs and mess your children may have made in the backseat to create a nicer environment for them and for you, and to keep the car looking and smelling fresh all-day long.
Car Sun Shades
Long car journeys can be taxing, especially on your little ones. If it’s hot outside you need to make sure your child doesn’t overheat in their car seat as this could lead to exhaustion, burning and tantrums! To help combat this issue fix sun shades onto their window to block harsh UV rays and keep them cool.