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Chevrolet Philippines Price List

Buyer’s Guide in buying a New Chevrolet Vehicles, prices indicated below are subject to change without prior notice.

1.3Li VVT LS M/T713,888.00
1.5Li DVVT LT A/T768,888.00
1.5Li DVVT LTZ A/T858,888.00
1.4Li Turbo LS A/T Non Power Window998,888.00
1.4Li Turbo LS A/T Rear Power Window1,018,888.00
1.4Li Turbo LT A/T1,218,888.00
2.4Li DOHC LT A/T1,398,888.00
2.4Li DOHC LTZ A/T1,528,888.00
2.4Li LS 4x2 A/T Gas1,313,888.00
2.0Li LS 4x2 A/T Turbo Dsl1,413,888.00
5.3Li 4x2 V8 LT A/T5,238,888.00
5.3Li 4x4 V8 LTZ A/T6,328,888.00
2.5Li Duramax Turbo CRDi 4x2 M/T Dsl1,378,888.00
2.8Li Duramax Turbo CRDi 4x2 A/T Dsl1,509,888.00
2.8Li Duramax Turbo CRDi 4x4 A/T Dsl1,881,888.00
2.5Li Turbo Diesel CRDi 4x2 LT M/T1,167,888.00
2.8Li Turbo Diesel CRDi 4x2 LT A/T1,267,888.00
2.8Li Turbo Diesel CRDi 4x4 LTZ M/T1,613,888.00
2.8Li Turbo Diesel CRDi 4x4 LTZ A/T1,689,888.00

Chevrolet Philippines Price List ( updated as of January 6, 2017 )

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